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In the Gambia, legal provision for conducting the census is contained in the Statistics Act, 1972. The Act empowers the Government Statistician to conduct or direct population censuses. It makes provision for the appointment of census officers, for the completion of the forms, and for the protection of confidentiality. Population is basic to the production and distribution of material wealth. In order to plan for and carry out economic and social development, administrative activity or scientific research, it is necessary to have reliable and detailed data on the size, distribution and composition of population. The objectives of the census are to count all the people in the country and to provide the Government with their number in each Local Government Area and District, by age, sex and several other characteristics. These figures are required for various aspects of economic and development planning. The ultimate aim of such planning is to provide a better way of life for the people of the Gambia, and to conquer what have been called the Five Giants: Disease, Ignorance, Squalor,  Idleness and Want.

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The Act established the Government Statistician, under the direct control and superintendence of the Government. The following function:-

1. Advice the Government on matters related to statistics.

2. Collects, Compiles, evaluate, analysis abstracts and publish statistical information related to demographic, social and economic statistics relating to the population.

3. Conduct sample surveys and any census in The Gambia.

4. Organise co-ordinated scheme of socio-economic statistics relating to The Gambia.

5. Publish such socio-economic data on The Gambia as may be permitted

It must be noted that the service also has data based on Consumer Prices, National Accounts, External Trade, Living Standard, Demography and various publications have been produced from there survey not only by the Central Statistics but other institutions and individual researchers. Enquires about these publications should be directed to the information section in the Central Statistic Department.

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